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New prototype every month

I have committed to doing one game a month in 2016, both to challenge myself to be productive and to think and plan within the confines of this relatively tight deadline, but also to produce a number of prototypes to build on, when it comes time to pick a new game.

You can find all our prototypes on our site, but if you want to see the ones created for this project specifically, take a look at our new itch.io page.

In January, I made COMBATIVE, a turn-based fighting game. You can earn rewards, upgrade your champion, and such goodness.

In February, it was dotSprinter. I found myself running low on time and ended up going with a simple dot-matching game, where you are racing the clock.

There is no plan ahead of time, so what we will see in the months to come is unknown at the time of writing. There are many more ideas than there is time, which ties in nicely with the challenge of working within the deadline.

If you’d like to know more about the one-game-a-month thing, check the #1GAM hashtag on Twitter. I hope you’ll follow along on this journey throughout the year. If you find that you like one of the games more than the others, do let me know.

Mars Rider Intermezzo

Mars RiderWhile work continues on Torgar’s Quest, sometimes it’s good to break away and do something different for a while. This is how Mars Rider came about, as a 1.5 day project, creating an homage to a true arcade classic.

The goal is simple: avoid the rocks, and avoid getting shot by UFOs. Shoot and jump your way across the planet surface using the arrow keys.

Mars Rider is free for Windows and can be downloaded via GameJolt.

A Roguelike on the Way

Torgar’s Quest, a fantasy dungeon crawler, in which you play the Dwarven prince Torgar, who sets out to prove himself and reclaim the Deepgold Mine that once belonged to the Splitbeard Clan, but was overrun by monsters.

The project is currently in open alpha, meaning that it’s available to download and play for free, but that it’s not exactly a finished/polished game at this point. Several features have yet to be added, but the basic gameplay is there.

The screenshot above gives you an idea; it’s a top-down 2D game, where every dungeon level is unique, so you’ll never have to play through the same level twice. It’s deadly, too. Your character can rest and heal, but there is no saving the game.

You can play the game from any modern browser, provided you have a keyboard attached to it. Torgar’s Quest is available via its own mini site, and will remain free whilst in alpha.