Salvage Trader

Screen Shot from Salvage Trader

In Salvage Trader, you play the sole survivor from a small colony in space. Your home was destroyed by vicious pirates and you have sworn revenge upon them! The only way to get justice is by joining the one organization in the galaxy, strong enough to take on the dreaded pirate kings — the Salvager’s Guild.

The story plays out in a small, open universe, where you can gather resources and explore a handful of planets. Upgrade your ship along the way, and complete missions to get you noticed by the guild.

Salvage Trader is available for Mac OS X and Windows 8+. Order through the Mac App Store, or the Windows Store, depending on your platform.

Tips for Salvage Trader

  • Sometimes it pays off to go slow, and upgrading your ship before taking on the Pirates.
  • Save often! A good habit is to save every time you refuel.
  • Don’t waste all your money at the race track!