Game Prototypes

Below, you can find some playable examples of game prototypes. There are many more than the ones shown here. Some are just a collection of doodled screenshots on graph paper, some exist in abstract form as a spreadsheet where you can input data and see what happens, some made it to a really rough build. The ones shown here, are a few hand picked examples.

The prototypes are shown with the newest at the top, so scrolling down is like going backwards in time.


Race against time in this matching-game. Drag the dots that match on top of each other to make them disappear. Make all the dots go away before time runs out, to progress to the next level. If you have extra time left, you’ll get bonus points and extra time for the next round.

Play dotSprinter (opens on


This turn-based fighting prototype was made in a day and a half. It’s inspired by combat mechanics often seen in free-to-play collecting games on mobile platforms. You’ve got a Champion who takes on opponents in the three-round battles. If you win, you walk away with some gold, and maybe some Bandages. In combat, you have a basic attack, a special attack, and a healing ability (more).

Play COMBATIVE (opens in new window)

Don’t Touch (Anything)

In this action game, you are slowly getting overrun by zombies. Shoot them down, collect power ups for extra points or faster fire, use explosive barrels to take out the zombies, and see if you can score a killing spree. Inspired by The Walking Dead, and playable in a browser (requires a mouse).


You wake up on an island of some sort and have to find a way to survive. The blue/yellow interface is an homage to ancient DOS based apps and games. Gather resources, and see how far you’ll make it.

Play “Survivalist” (opens in new window)

Mars Rider

Drive your car over the planet surface, jumping rocks and dodging evil aliens, in this homage to the classic game Moon Patrol. This version was made as part of a 1.5 day challenge, during which the game had to be made from scratch.

Download “Mars Rider” on GameJolt (Windows PC only).

Alien Attack Armada

This simple game was made in a day, as part of the Extra Life charity event in 2014. It’s a straight forward shoot-em-up game, where you fight evil aliens (again!) from your space ship. You have to manage your shields as well, and pick up power-ups. You can play this in a browser (keyboard required).

Play “Alien Attack Armada” (opens in a pop up window)

Greeny’s Run

Greeny is a little, wobbly green thing. Very innocent, really, but he somehow got trapped deep inside a dungeon full of meanies. Only with your guidance does Greeny stand a chance of survival. This is the prototype that later inspired Torgar’s Quest.

Greeny’s Run is FREE to download for both Windows and Mac.

Gobbler’s Run

An endless runner game, where Gobbler the Turkey jumps over logs, gobbles up corn on the cob and horns of plenty, while dodging arrows and hatchets. I made this in the spirit of Thanksgiving, and the game is downloadable for free, or you can play it in a browser window.

Read the blog post about the game, or check Gobbler’s Run out on Gamesalad Arcade.