With such a small team of people (one guy with help from friends), the games that come from Tagunda are basically whatever ideas take root and grow from prototype to release. It may seem random at first, but like with all good random things, there are patterns underneath.

On the desktop side, most game ideas tend to have elements of strategy and adventure, where the mobile/browser games are simpler and more inspired by classic arcade action. Take a look at the pages for each of our games.

The fascination with retro gaming is real at Tagunda. Salvage Trader has several mini-games built in as features. The space battles, for instance, are inspired by Galaga and Space Invaders. Torgar’s Quest, our current project, is a leaf on the roguelike family tree, which dates back to the age of text based graphics.

Check out these playable prototypes, that never quite made it to official game status.