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Torgar’s 2nd round of beta testing

Torgar’s Quest is about to get sent out to a bunch of awesome beta testers. This will be the second round of testing. The feedback so far has been fantastic, so improvements and bug fixes will hopefully follow. Around 70 people have signed on to test the game, for this round, but if you hurry there is still a couple of days left to sign on for the closed beta.

As we get closer to a finished game, the latest improvements include more original artwork, more translations added (included now are Danish, German, French and Spanish), the monster AI is improved, and much more. In other words, the game is coming together very nicely. With the holidays coming up and the second round of testing, it looks like a spring release at this point.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, there’s a Steam Greenlight page in the making, but it’s not quite ready for reveal yet.

Finally, Torgar has a forum right here on the site, where you can participate and follow the progress, once testing kicks off.

Torgar’s new website

Things are getting real; Torgar’s Quest has a new website to go with the beta version. The game is still very much evolving with pretty much daily improvements. The pressure is on, because the closed beta testing begins in September, and the goal is to get something as close to the end result as possible before then.

Once testing begins, things will be revised and re-balanced yet again, based on player feedback. And no, there is no set release date yet. Check out the new site, and if you’re interested, sign up for beta access.

Torgar is in beta

Update: Closed beta starts in September.

Torgar’s Quest is now officially out of alpha. This means that the basic game mechanics are in place, and work has started on adding a few more features, balancing and polishing the game during the beta phase.

Major additions to come include localization, more original artwork, and special attacks. Other changes include tweaking the balance at the higher difficulties, and adding things like achievements.

You can follow the progress here or via IndieDB, GameJolt or the mailing list.

The alpha version of Torgar’s Quest is available to download for free, and will remain so for the time being (Windows only, via GameJolt or IndieDB). There are currently no plans for a public beta, but if you’re a huge fan, use the contact form to get in touch, and you might end on the private beta list.

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