A Roguelike on the Way

Torgar’s Quest, a fantasy dungeon crawler, in which you play the Dwarven prince Torgar, who sets out to prove himself and reclaim the Deepgold Mine that once belonged to the Splitbeard Clan, but was overrun by monsters.

The project is currently in open alpha, meaning that it’s available to download and play for free, but that it’s not exactly a finished/polished game at this point. Several features have yet to be added, but the basic gameplay is there.

The screenshot above gives you an idea; it’s a top-down 2D game, where every dungeon level is unique, so you’ll never have to play through the same level twice. It’s deadly, too. Your character can rest and heal, but there is no saving the game.

You can play the game from any modern browser, provided you have a keyboard attached to it. Torgar’s Quest is available via its own mini site, and will remain free whilst in alpha.

Salvage Trader 1.1 on the Windows Store

After some delay, Salvage Trader is now out for Windows 8, and available in the Windows Store.

Salvage Trader on the Windows StoreAdditionally, the Windows version is the first to feature the first update to the game itself. It includes new keyboard shortcuts, greater ability to pause and load the game, greater variation in the NPC encounters, both in graphics and flavor text, and a number of bug fixes and minor tweaks. Much of what has been added and changed was based on feedback from players, which is very much appreciated.

Salvage Trader for Windows
The Windows version requires Windows 8+, a keyboard and a mouse, as well as a Microsoft account.

Introducing /r/tagunda

If you are on Reddit, I hope you will consider subscribing to the new /r/tagunda sub-reddit. This is Tagunda’s new place for feedback, progress reports and other such goodness, related to Tagunda and the games.

I plan on posting a monthly update, along with other news, and will also be monitoring the sub-reddit for any comments. Of course, you are encouraged to post there too! It’s very early days right now, so not a whole lot of activity yet. I’m hoping more people will join in, as more games are published, projects start and evolve, and so on.

If Reddit is not your thing, Tagunda is also on Facebook and Twitter.