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Salvage Trader 1.1 on the Windows Store

After some delay, Salvage Trader is now out for Windows 8, and available in the Windows Store.

Salvage Trader on the Windows StoreAdditionally, the Windows version is the first to feature the first update to the game itself. It includes new keyboard shortcuts, greater ability to pause and load the game, greater variation in the NPC encounters, both in graphics and flavor text, and a number of bug fixes and minor tweaks. Much of what has been added and changed was based on feedback from players, which is very much appreciated.

Salvage Trader for Windows
The Windows version requires Windows 8+, a keyboard and a mouse, as well as a Microsoft account.

Salvage Trader has launched

The Mac version of our first real release – Salvage Trader – is out. Currently, it is available via our FastSpring store. There is a Windows 8 version on the way as well, pending the fixing of some ugly bugs. The game was backed by a bunch of amazing people on Kickstarter, which is really where Tagunda happened, and became a real thing.

For more about Salvage Trader, visit www.salvagetradergame.com.

Game Bloggers, YouTubers, Twitchers and press interested in showcasing Salvage Trader, should write to press [at] this domain, for a promo code.