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Verified on Facebook

Verified on FacebookTagunda is a teeny, tiny business. At it’s core, it is a husband and wife team with occasional help from friends. When you are that small, every little bit of validation counts. The more legit Tagunda feels, the more motivated and inspired we get.

With that in mind, we applied to have our Facebook page verified, which it was. There is now a fancy, little check mark next to our name, and it feels awesome.

Making money in indie games is hard, and Tagunda is not even close to profitable. First and foremost, we are doing this because we love games, and we would be making them regardless of whether anyone cared.

That said, there are days where it does feel like we are just sitting in the home office, pouring hours into projects that may end up forgotten or drowned in a sea of other titles. Or days where we struggle with impostor syndrome. That’s where little check marks on silly Facebook pages come in handy, as a reminder that we’ve committed to the cause, and – at least in the eyes of Facebook – we are a real studio!

If you’re an indie developer, I strongly urge you to get verified, not just on Facebook, but wherever you can. Hang your business license in plain sight, as a reminder that you’re serious, and revel in feeling all official and stuff.

And if you haven’t yet, you should totally go like our VERIFIED page.